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Finding their origins in 1664, this maritime army has a long tradition of hit and run raids, cuttin out warships from enemy ports and the defence of Peking legation in 1900. During WWI serving all over including Gallipoli, Zeebrugge and the Western Front. They even served in Russia against the Bolsheviks. During WWII saw them in action in Burma, Europe and the Mediterranean. They conducted raids such as the Cockleshell hero's raid, D-Day. After the war they found themselves serving in Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Egypt, Cyprus, Borneo, Aden, Kuwait and the Falklands. The Royal Marines also have ceremonial duties. These duties include changing the Guard and Keys ceremony with bands that make regular appearances. They even appeared in a Thunderbirds movie. Check out our full sized band models as well as full size guards. Collect our range and you too can make a Tattoo or Royal Tournament display.

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