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About PNF Figurines Australia

Background on the people behind PNF Figurines Australia, how our product range has grown, and how to contact us.

Greg Sheppard comes from a naval orientated family (RN) and served 7 1/2 years in the RAN as an ABMTP. He left the Navy in 1991 as he wanted to provide a stable home environment for his family.

Greg's a keen plastic modeller. However, he's always complained that no one made naval figurines and so Jackie came up with the idea to make a range of sailors.

As a result PNF Figurines Australia was established in 1992. As Greg is somewhat of a perfectionist, we go to great lengths to ensure accuracy and attention to detail is maintained.

Product Range

We have expanded our range enormously over the years and now cover Navy, Army (WWI - Mounted Lighthorse, Mounted Australian Camel Corp, WWII, Vietnam) their allies (British, New Zealand) as well as their adversaries (German, Turkish), Biblical, Anglo Scottish Wars, Knights, Guards (4 out of 5 Regiments and are working on the 5th), as well as Chess Sets.

Photographs Wanted

We are always looking for new ideas and accurate photographs depicting clear front, back and sideviews including an accurate description of colours and insignias. We are especially looking for photographs of the RAAF (both modern and earlier periods).

Trade Enquiries Welcome

Interested in finding out more? Please use the details below to get in touch.

Contact Us

Jacqueline and Gregory Sheppard

Ph Int: 613 9737 9660



PNF Figurines Australia

205 Monbulk Rd

Silvan VIC 3795



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