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WWII New Guinea Private (Owen)

WWII New Guinea Private (Owen)

WW!! New Guinea Private resting with an Owen Gun

By the early months of 1942 the Japanese had established themselves quite firmly within the northern towns and the Northern & Eastern area's of New Guinea. In response the Australian Army (limited by men & Logistics) were able to fight by confining themselves to hit and run raids by independent companies such as "Kanga Force" (New Guinea volunteer rifles). The natives of New Guinea ferried supplies for the Australians. On June 20th 1942, Major General Morris was given the order to secure the Kokoda area & its airstrip. He used the 30th brigade, 39th battalion, the Papuan Infantry Battalion & some medical and other service personnell to form the Maroubra Force, to stop the Japanese using the Trail to Port Moresby. This force fought a series of withdrawals back as far as the Kokoda Plateau where a savage engagement took place. Much of the fighting being close quarters ending with the Australians withdrawal to Deniki, south of the Kokoda position. After more fighting the Japanese held enough key positions to form an advance on Port Moresby. This brings to a close the first part of our Kokoda track experience. We will add to this history as we develop more troops for your pacific war collection.

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