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The Coldstream or Irish Guards - Boxed Set #2

COL9/IRI9, COL7/IRI7, COL5/IRI5 & 3 X COL3/IRI3 (.303)
# Please specify regiment of your choice

The five foot guard regiments form a part of the bodyguard to the Kings & Queens of England. They are known around the world for their ceremonial duties dressed in fine scarlet tunics with bearskins and discipline such as not smiling, moving or talking whilst on guard. There are always ceremonials to see such as "the Changing of the Guard" at Buckingham Palace, or "the Queen's birthday parade:, or "the Queen's Keys". Far from being ornamental soldiers these regiments have a long and glorious history of battle which can be seen on the colours of the battalions. These regiments are still used in combat today when and where needed. Watch for our expanding range of these figurines and make your own changing of the Guard or Queen's birthday parade.

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Item Code: GUARD2
Size :: 54 mm

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